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Who We Are

Arlaadi Aid is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization based and incorporated in the State of Minnesota, Arlaadi aid is an independent organization that was merely created to rebuild and develop Somalia. This organization was created on December- 12 -2014. Since it is inception members of the Somali in the diaspora have gathered and established this organization with the aim of alleviating poverty, building strong community, economy, education and peace. 


Education is a power that you can change the world. As part of a global Campaign, more than million children in southern Somalia have no schools, and proper educational infrastructure and facilities.

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Peace building and conflict resolution

After 25 years of total chaos, civil war, anarchy and complete failure of the republic of Somalia and its institutions, peace and insecurity has become scarce commodity.

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Refugee Support Program

Somali IDPs have lost most of their assets and sources of livelihood including livestock and land, and have little access to stable employment. Violence, food insecurity and water shortages continue to exacerbate the IDP's situation.

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Emergency Response

Arlaadi Aid Responds to any emergency situations because of ongoing conflict with countries around the world, Many have been killed and many have become displaced.

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Arlaadi Aid Empowers youth and women through technical skills, capacity building, job creation and training as well as business development skills and leanings.

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Agro-pastoral Developments

Arlaadi Aid is committed to engage with farming and pastoral community by providing the resources they needed such as modern European-style techniques of farming and equipment, sustainable water and marketing.

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Somalia faces some of the worst health indicators in the world, only 30% of people have access to health services, and 1 in five children die, before their fifth birthday.

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Sustainable Clean Water

Lack of water devastated much of Somalia and caused the deaths of uncountable number of people.

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Our Mission

To provide social-economic and educational developments through inspiring and empowering people by creating lasting solution to poverty, illiteracy and social injustice.
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