Arlaadi Aid is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization based and incorporated in the State of Minnesota.

Arlaadi aid is an independent organization that was merely created to rebuild and develop Somalia. This organization was created on December- 12 -2014. Since it is inception members of the Somali in the diaspora have gathered and established this organization with the aim of alleviating poverty, building strong community, economy, education and peace.

Despite the critical task ahead, members of the organization and their leaders have vowed to bring people together and uniting them for the purpose of promoting peace, unity, prosperity and cohesiveness hence, members of the Organization and their leaders would also stand to protect and assist the most vulnerable members of society, such as Orphans, widows, elders, physically challenged people and people affected by wars and famine, such (IDPs) and refugees.

Arlaadi aid is non-political organization that is based in USA, and its staff are around the world fighting to save and change the lives of millions in Somalia. despite the insecurity and lawlessness on that part of the world and challenges of bureaucracy and logistic, the organization is well informed and it want to reach not only on urban areas, but also it want to hold on its feet on villages and remote areas of those cities and towns, having said that, the organization is inviting members of the community to volunteer and participate the healthy goals and aspiration of the organization.

The organization also wishes to extend its services beyond its jurisdiction in the aftermath of achieving its goals and objectives. Arlaadi aid is an organization for the people by the people and extends its hands for everyone whose aim is to achieve the vision and goals to set forward to prosper and development, by bringing all hands and hearts together for the sake of humanity prosperity and integrity.

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Educate the children is what we do best. Together, we can make the world a better place to live.

Meet Our Staff

Noor Nunow


Abdiaziz Abdirahman

Vice President

Hussein Ahmed


Ibrahim Abdinoor


Ibrahim Ahmed

Somali Program Manger


Director of Executive Projects


Director of Corporate Development


Director of development farmers and rural area


Director of Communication

Our Founders

Noor Mohamed Nunow

Abdiaziz Abdirahman

Hussein Ahmed

Ibrahim Abdinoor

Ali Manor